Being familiar with the present situation in our society today, ICT products hold important roles in creating the safe environment.  CCTV surveillance is now widely used in both commercial and in public sector. Most of these are in Government Building and offices, malls, coffee shops, parks, residential houses among others. A safe society is always the dream of every Filipinos thus stable ICT infrastructure will complement this vision.

Closed Circuit Television (or simply CCTV) is the valuable tool that is being used in today’s society. It offers protection for businesses, its staff, and their building offices, it also helps people to investigate crime,  to prove the innocence of both a suspect and victim to avoid lawsuits, to monitor road traffic and safety, to study the behavior of wildlife in their natural environment. These are a few things that the CCTV are being used.

The CCTV that most of us who could not afford at home is now at the comfort of everyone’s sight. It gives us the assurance of one’s safety against bad elements in the society.

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