Remote Surveillance to monitor our elderlys



Home for the elderlies is supposed to be a good and positive place for our aging parents. To enter into such things needs a compromise agreement between the members of the family and the person concerned. It can be a cruel world when we have to admit that we need a special place where we want also the best for them as harmonious and the feeling of feels like home for them.

As agreed upon its an option and the best way to choosing such things requires responsibility for the part of the family and the chosen institution. In an institution, it’s a must that we know how secure they are, how they will be taken cared of.

A security camera enters the scene. What is this security camera? It was defined as a closed circuit television - is a TV system in which signals are not publicity distributed but are monitored primarily for surveillance and security purposes. Some unexpected events which may be beyond our control may occur. On our side assurance is our top priority for our loved ones.

This security camera gives us 24/7 feed on whats happening inside a place be it the room or on the premises when we are not around. Employees are also monitored with their behavior towards the patients on their daily routines.

Some unpredictable circumstances can be monitored and actions are taken by just logging in remotely to check the daily activities which family members would certainly appreciate. So this device is a must to give us the assurance for everyone else, our loved ones, establishments, crimes committed and details are properly documented

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